Concord Academy of Boyne

Winter is Here!

This year is going by in a blur, and we’re already at Christmas Break! November and December always go by fast due to performances, celebrations, field trips, and breaks, and it has been so nice to see so many of you in the building to support our students in their learning and activities! A small […]

Coaches Needed!

Because of student interest and grant availability, we have begun the process to begin a Robotics Team at CAB! To finish the process, we need coaches! We are currently looking for a coach for our HS Robotics Team, as well as our MS (6-8th grade) Tech Challenge Team. Each team can have up to 2 […]

What are We Working on?

Each year, schools in Michigan are required to complete a School Improvement Plan (SIP). In it, we set goals for ourselves, and choose paths to get there, based on feedback from staff, parents, and students, and our data–what are assessments and observations telling us about what we’re doing? I continually tell students, no matter where […]

Soccer is More Than Just a Game!

As a small charter school, we like to offer sports when we can, and for quite awhile now, we’ve been able to steadily offer soccer to grade 7-12, for a coed team. In the time we’ve had this program, which is due to amazing volunteers and overwhelming student interest, we’ve had all kinds of seasons. […]

For a Charter School, Parent Involvement is Key

Concord Boyne Students

At any school, the power of parent involvement is crucial, but at a charter school, like CAB, is it key! Anyone who visits our school will see parents regularly, from being involved in classrooms, to helping teachers, or volunteering to help with big events. Since we have a smaller staff than many schools, we rely […]

What Can a Small Charter School Offer my Child?

When considering a small charter school, many parents wonder how their child will fare, in comparison to other traditional public districts. Well, let’s look at our senior class as an example! The Concord Class of 2016 had 16 students, including 2 exchange students, for a total of 18.   In high school, our students are […]