Concord Academy of Boyne

Because of our work with Camp Daggett this year in implementing the Full Value Agreement (FVA), we have an awesome opportunity to take our 6, 7, and 8th graders out to Camp Daggett for an overnight trip! Some of our staff will be working with Camp Daggett staff to take our students through the Ropes Course, and have them participate in other FVA and team building activities.

This trip is meant to build our teamwork skills, work on our emotional safety as a group, help our confidence and communication skills, and help us all get to know each other better outside of the classroom environment. And what’s even better news? There is no cost to students or chaperones for this trip!

We are looking forward to this being the first of many years to take our middle school students out there, and cannot wait for all the memories that we’ll create! Hopefully, Mother Nature will have her act together by April 23rd and 24th, but if not, we’ll have fun just the same!

It has been awhile since I have planned an overnight field trip, and I look forward to this time spent with our kids; spending time with them outside of the school environment always has positive affects, and will help to keep the safe and warm atmosphere we have for them here at school!

Are you ready middle schoolers? I am!

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne