Academics at the highest degree

As a public charter school, all areas of our curriculum meet the requirements set forth by the Michigan Department of Education, including the requirements for graduation.

Elementary Curriculum: All grades of students are engaged in all four content areas: English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Speaking, and Listening), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Handwriting is also a focus in the early grades, turning into cursive near the end of second grade.

Middle School students also experience each content area, but we begin to see more specialization of content, as well as connections to other subject areas. In addition, students are required to take each of our fine arts electives—Art, Band, Choir, and Theatre—each year. Students also begin to explore career paths in Career Cruising. For some classes, grade levels may be combined to emphasize content and deepen understanding.

High School students experience specialized content at each level, as set forth in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). State standards are organized and connected by theme as much as possible, to help deepen learning across content areas. Students participate in Career Cruising, and interactive career search program that allows students to explore what classes they should take, what colleges offer the programs they are looking for, and real world information about each career path. Students are able to customize their elective courses to go above and beyond what we offer through online learning, or dual enrollment courses, as long as they meet the requirements to do so.

Our goal is that each student feels prepared for the career path that they have chosen, and has direction in how to get there.

In our high school semester block schedule, courses are built into semester courses, for 85 minutes per day. Students are able to earn 8.5 credits per year and are required to accumulate 30 credits for graduation with a diploma.
Elementary Level: Our goal for elementary students is to be exposed to most areas of our fine arts curriculum while gaining basic concepts of each area. All elementary classes are year-long, and occur consistently. All Kindergarten through 4th grade students will experience Art twice per week and Music three times per week. Elementary Art builds a student’s capacity and knowledge from practicing basic skills and techniques to putting together finished projects. Each class has connections to literature and music, as well as some connected concepts from their general classroom.

In Music, basic singing skills and knowledge are practiced regularly, in addition to the introduction of instruments, such as tone bars or xylophones, as early as kindergarten. By 3rd grade, students are being introduced to recorders, and reading music fluently. In 4th grade, students continue practicing recorders, as well as begin to prepare for 5th grade Band.

Beginning in 6th grade, students also enjoy a Theatre class, including performance!

5th grade: Basic Band and Basic Choir, Art

Middle School Band and Choir, Art, Theatre

High School Advanced Band and Choir, Art, Musical Theatre

"We have a strong fine arts-based curriculum that allows students to get many skills that they would need for for the real world." - Administrator Mrs. Leist
The majority of our electives courses are our fine arts courses, but depending on the number of students interested in an area, may vary. Commonly offered electives include:
  • High School Band
  • Jazz Band
  • High School Choir
  • Specialty Choirs, such as Women’s Chorus
  • Studio and Advanced Art
  • Physical Education (Basic and Advanced)
  • Writing for Publication
  • Creative Writing
  • Mythology
  • Foreign Language
  • Musical Theatre
We believe that technology should enhance, but not dominate, a child’s education. We do not have a 1:1 initiative, but do have two computer labs available with wireless access, as well as some iPads in elementary classrooms.

Teachers have access to projectors and document cameras in every classroom, as well as laptops and iPads. As a district, we also utilize Google Apps for Education, and provide staff and students email addresses through Gmail, as well as Google Drive.
All students are allowed to check out books from the school library weekly, and also have access to their teacher’s classroom libraries. Classroom libraries are filled by donations, profits from Book Fairs, and through the teachers themselves.

Interested in donating books to our school? We will gladly accept!
Since we are a public school, we are held accountable to the state requirements for all schools, including testing. As a district, we utilize the information we get as a piece of a child’s progress and use it to make instructional decisions.

Students in grades K-8 will take the NWEA assessment three times per year. This is a computer adaptive assessment that assesses skills and knowledge according to where a student is performing, rather than grade level. The goal of this assessment is to show a student’s growth over the course of a year.

All students will take state adopted assessments for their grade level, including the M-Step, PSAT, and SAT.

Lake Superior State University Junior Laker Scholarship Opportunties

The criteria for receipt of the Junior Laker Award are:

  • Successful graduation from a high school that is chartered by LSSU
  • Admission to an LSSU degree or certificate program for the fall semester following graduation
  • A final cumulative high school grade point average (g.p.a.) of at least 2.5
  • A 19 or higher composite score on the ACT

The scholarship is for attendance at LSSU and may not be transferred to another higher education institution. The award will be available on a pro-rated basis, following university policy, for part-time students. It may not be used at LSSU regional centers or for distance education courses. Students must maintain continuous enrollment for continued eligibility.

For Students Graduating from LSSU K-12 Academies:

  • The dollar value of the award will be $2,000 per year, or $1,000 per semester, for students completing the 12th grade from an LSSU-chartered high school or a high school with which an LSSU chartered academy has an approved matriculation agreement.
  • The award is renewable for a maximum amount of $8,000 based on continuous enrollment if the student meets Satisfactory Academic Standards for the retention of financial aid.

To Apply:

You can download and fill out the application form here or see Mrs. Leist for a paper copy.

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