Concord Academy of Boyne

When considering a small charter school, many parents wonder how their child will fare, in comparison to other traditional public districts. Well, let’s look at our senior class as an example! The Concord Class of 2016 had 16 students, including 2 exchange students, for a total of 18.

concord academy students


In high school, our students are required to take a minimum number of arts credits, in addition to academic classes that meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requirements for graduation. Our students have choice in what courses suit them best, and what they want to do with their education. As much as we can, we want students to create their own path in their education, based on where they want to go. In this class, 38% chose to take college courses as part of their path, and 2 students have invested themselves in Boyne City’s Culinary program. Our students are welcome to take online courses that meet their needs, enroll in CTE classes in other districts, or take college classes.

In addition, students who are interested in pursuing elementary education are welcome to spend time in our elementary classes, working with our teachers to build hours that are required for their future programs. We also have students who complete Work Study programs or complete extra volunteer time in fields they are considering. Students work with staff to get what they need out of their education, and it is our goal to have them be empowered, and direct their path, no matter what their path may hold. The power of choice is something that we hold dear, and want to develop in our students.

Of this year’s graduates, 11 of the 16 are electing to go to college, and have been accepted to North Central Michigan College, Lake Superior State University, Northwestern Michigan College, Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, and Cedarville University in Ohio. 2 students are pursuing culinary programs, and 1 will be traveling with the Young Americans. 2 others are working and taking prerequisites to get into programs of their choice.

So, what can a smaller school offer your child? A personalized education with the support they need to pursue their dreams, as well as the experiences and education they need to get there!

Thank you! Will keep working!

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne