Concord Academy of Boyne

CAB Teams with Camp Daggett!

 Many of us feel our school culture and “family feel” area strength of our school, but there’s always room for improvement! Ultimately, we want every student to feel safe and welcome in our building, and to feel that when problems arise, they have tools to use to solve them. Learning to communicate effectively is a […]

For a Charter School, Parent Involvement is Key

Concord Boyne Students

At any school, the power of parent involvement is crucial, but at a charter school, like CAB, is it key! Anyone who visits our school will see parents regularly, from being involved in classrooms, to helping teachers, or volunteering to help with big events. Since we have a smaller staff than many schools, we rely […]

What Can a Small Charter School Offer my Child?

When considering a small charter school, many parents wonder how their child will fare, in comparison to other traditional public districts. Well, let’s look at our senior class as an example! The Concord Class of 2016 had 16 students, including 2 exchange students, for a total of 18.   In high school, our students are […]