Concord Academy of Boyne

At any school, the power of parent involvement is crucial, but at a charter school, like CAB, is it key! Anyone who visits our school will see parents regularly, from being involved in classrooms, to helping teachers, or volunteering to help with big events. Since we have a smaller staff than many schools, we rely on parents to help with these aspects, but also with a much bigger one.

Charter schools are not eligible to receive mileage money, so the majority of our annual budget is based on student enrollment. While we do advertise, it seems that time and time again, parent referral is our most successful strategy! When you are happy with the education that you are choosing for your child, your words and stories create interest in our school, and you become a reference!

Thank you to all of our dedicated families, and those of you who have referred new families to our school! You are part of the reason that we’re successful, and are providing a powerful choice in your child’s education!