Concord Academy of Boyne

I’m not sure; most of the snow is gone, and we’re starting to see the sun more and more often, but this is still Northern Michigan, and we know the start of spring can be deceiving!

However, once spring finally does arrive, we will have an exciting new project that we’ll need help with! Thanks to a grant from our authorizer, LSSU, we will be purchasing a 16 ft. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse to expand our Agricultural Science and elementary and middle school science programs! We are so grateful and excited about this opportunity!

When it arrives, we will be looking for help in two main areas: first, to help with the actual construction, which is putting together the galvanized steel frame. All parts, except a door, are included in a kit.

The other major piece is that the outer shell is a 7 mil marine poly shrink cover, which means that we will need to shrink wrap it! If you, or anyone you know, has the tools to do this, and would be willing to help, please let us know!

As we continue to expand our programs, we look forward to what opportunities this greenhouse will offer our students. In the long-term, we have goals of not only growing food to feed our students, as well as learn about how our food is grown, but also to learn about microgreens, and try to expand into the Farmer’s Market, to allow our students a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills!

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in helping with this spring project, please contact Mrs. Leist!

Have a great weekend!

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne