LSSU Charter School
Office Junior Laker Award

The criteria for receipt of the Junior Laker Award are (1) successful graduation from high school; (2) admission to an LSSU degree or certificate program the fall semester following graduation; and (3) a final cumulative high school grade point average of at least 2.5 and a 19 or higher composite score on the ACT, or a minimum 990 composite score on the SAT. Students must have graduated from the 12th grade at an LSSU authorized charter school.

The scholarship is for attendance at LSSU and may not be transferred to another higher education institution. The award will be available on a pro-rated basis, following university policy, for part-time students. It may not be used at LSSU regional centers or for distance education courses. Students must maintain continuous enrollment for continued eligibility.

For Students Graduating from LSSU K-12 Academies:

The dollar value of the award will be $2,000 per year, or $1,000 per semester, for students completing the 12th grade from an LSSU chartered high school or a high school with which an LSSU charter academy has an approved matriculation agreement. The award is renewable for a maximum amount of $8,000 based on continuous enrollment if the student meets Satisfactory Academic Standards for the retention of financial aid.

Please feel free to download the Junior Laker Application below

Junior Laker Application