Concord Academy of Boyne

We have recently seen an influx in enrollment, which is great! We have 9 new families, and 13 new students in the last few weeks, in all ages of students. The answer all of them were looking for: small class sizes, and the fine arts!

Small class sizes offer so many advantages to students, including safety, more individual attention, and getting to know their teachers and peers better. With higher graduation expectations and higher reading expectations by the end of 3rd grade, many are looking for a smaller environment to make sure that their child gets what they need. For these families, our small charter school seems to be a perfect fit!

Sometimes, parents wonder if having their child here past elementary school, or into high school is still the right choice. As a parent here, whose children have always been here, I can say that for my children, it is the right choice, and my hope is that both of my children graduate from here. We may not have as many after school activities, or sports, as other school districts, but for my children, this is an environment where I have seen both of them flourish, gain confidence, express their creative sides, and make some of the best friendships a parent could hope for.

LSSU is continuing to expand their offerings for our students, from putting on plays for middle and elementary audiences (which we are invited to free of charge), to expanding their middle and high school summer camps, and continuing to offer the Junior Laker Award, a scholarship that our graduates can receive to attend LSSU that traditional public school students are not eligible for.

At the high school level, our students are also eligible for all of the area scholarships, and regular scholarships as other local students, and we have a very high percentage of our students attend two or four year colleges and universities each year. We have never had a student who wanted to go to college that couldn’t get there, and many of them are able to get significant amounts of financial aid. We are going to be working with the ISD to bring more awareness and assistance to families in what financial opportunities are out there for their children as well.

Here, students are still able to take dual enrollment college classes in high school, and have the school pay for them. Students are also able to enroll in the ISD CTE programs as part of their regular school day, such as the culinary program, building trades, welding, and other programs. Students can take online courses to expand into their areas of interest, and beginning next year, we will be offering more work study and internship type courses to upperclassmen, so students can individualize their education, and get training in areas that interest them.

Other than sports (we do have a soccer team for 7-12th graders), and other activities, there is nothing that our students can’t take advantage of that other students at other schools don’t, and in some cases, we offer more. That being said, we are always looking for parent volunteers to help with after school activities and clubs, or other activities during the day.

As a parent, I’m confident that my children are getting what they need here, and will continue here. To me, the advantages outweigh the other opportunities that they may see elsewhere, and I know a large number of our parents feel the same way.

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne