Concord Academy of Boyne

As a small charter school, we like to offer sports when we can, and for quite awhile now, we’ve been able to steadily offer soccer to grade 7-12, for a coed team. In the time we’ve had this program, which is due to amazing volunteers and overwhelming student interest, we’ve had all kinds of seasons. In our current season, with the end looming next week, we have yet to win a game. We are a new team, with much younger or first-time players, and we have made tons of progress. We lost a number of our players who graduated last year, but our numbers are still good. And here’s the best part; our attitudes are amazing!

Many athletes get down if it’s not a winning season, and can even start to sound negative–about the team, other players, or the game in general. I’m proud to say that this isn’t happening, with any player, any parent, or any coach. Our soccer team, regardless of the year, holds our creed in the highest regard, and are learning that soccer is more than just an athletic game.

In last night’s game against Grace Baptist, I overheard a parent conversation about how excited they were for our team, and that they’ve never seen a group of kids act so politely and positively toward one another, no matter what. This enthusiasm about the game, and about becoming a team, is apparent when you watch them play; team members cheer each other on, on and off the field, offer congratulations to the other team when they score, and rush to each other’s aid when needed. When one of the opponents slipped on the rain-soaked field and wiped out, two of our players offered him hands to help him up.

When we had good plays, there was cheering for each other, and when there were errors, we still heard things like, “Good hustle!” or “You’ll get it next time!”

Concord Academy Boyne isn’t the only school that has a team that they are proud of, but I would just like to take a second to let all the players know how proud I am of them, their performance, and the fact that they represent our school. To the parents and coaches, who set great examples for our students, thank you as well. Raising and educating children is definitely a task meant for a village, and I am glad that you are all part of the Concord village. Coaches, your positive example teaches our kids how to be positive as well. Our players represent what we want all of our students to think about–that how you behave, and how you treat people–on or off the field–matters, not only in a school setting but in real life.

As the soccer team prepares for another game tonight in Fairview, I wish them luck and good character! You’ve done a great job so far!

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne