Concord Academy of Boyne

This year is going by in a blur, and we’re already at Christmas Break! November and December always go by fast due to performances, celebrations, field trips, and breaks, and it has been so nice to see so many of you in the building to support our students in their learning and activities!

A small charter school like ours needs parents on board in order to operate, and a simple thing like showing up for a performance makes a big difference to the kids, and to us. Many of you who have been here awhile know groups of students as well as your own, and I’m always impressed when so many of you stop to congratulate not only your own children, but ones that you accept as your own. We are truly a village here, and what has always amazed me about our school is that even though families graduate, or move to another school, the sentiment is the same: “We care about you, the students!”

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our school, staff, and students! As you enter your break, I hope that you enjoy some quiet time, and enjoy the merriest of Christmases, and New Year’s! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy time home with your family as well!

‘Tis the season–enjoy the snowfall, sip on some hot chocolate, build a snow fort, play chess, read a good book, go skiing, or any other of your favorite winter activities! We’ll see you next year!

Rebekah Leist
Concord Academy Boyne